Mugabe equated to God

mugabe_cover_bookHARARE - Zanu (PF)'s propaganda onslaught on Zimbabweans has reached ridiculous
new levels with popular religious hymns being turned into praise songs
for President Robert Mugabe (pictured).

Ordinary Christians expressed fury last week at the conversion of a
popular Methodist/Dutch Reformed Church tune, Ndinoshamiswa Kwazvo,
into a propaganda jingle.
A chorus to the song, which says, Ukuru hwenyu Mwari hunoshamisa
kwazvo (Your greatness, Lord is amazing) has been twisted to: Ukuru
hwava Mugabe hunoshamisa kwazvo (The greatness of Mugabe is truly
A woman who heard the song, played by ZBC on a commuter taxi last
week, fumed: This is blasphemy! These party people are cursed. They
are the anti-Christ. They are messing with God, that is why they keep
losing elections! Other passengers who joined the conversation
expressed outrage at the development.
Another popular hymn, Iva Gamba, which encourages Christians to be
vigilant against the devil has been re-worded to mean that Zanu (PF)
supporters must beware of the British.
Most Zimbabweans are deeply religious, the majority being Christians,
while many others are Moslems and traditionalists. Their response has
been to stop listening to ZBC or watching its TV programmes which are
saturated with propaganda.
Rastafarians, it seems are also in the firing line. Popular reggae
band Transit Crew last week shocked fans when they put up a poster
written, Jah Bless Bob during a concert at the Mannenberg. Although
the band’s frontman, Mic Inity sang renditions of a couple of Bob
Marley protest songs and his minders claimed the ‘Bob’ in the poster
referred to the late Jamaican star, show-goers were not convinced.
They insisted that the poster was confirmation that the band had links
with Zanu (PF).
That could prove fatal for the young musicians led by Jamaican star
Bunny Wailer’s former drummer, Ras Jabu, who is now resident in
Apart from independent artists, the army and police bands have also
been ordered to play Zanu war songs, most of them instrumental
versions praising Mugabe. Police recruits were forced to march to one
of the songs during last week’s much publicized pass-out parade, in a
farcical scene that could have come out of a Nazi war movie.

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