Nigerians complain of ill-treatment by cops

police_riot_at_gulfHARARE - Nigerians living in Zimbabwe are planning to meet the government over their ill-treatment at the hands of the police and the immigration department.

The president of the Nigerian Community in Zimbabwe, Simon Udemba, said this was un-African. There have been lots of illegal detentions. There are some individuals who are overzealous, and not doing their job properly. This is the reason why we have formed this association. We are not here to commit crimes, but to work together as Africans, he said at the official inauguration of the executive of the Organisation early this week.
Nigerians and other West African nationals have flooded Zimbabwes major cities and towns lately, running businesses ranging from clothing and electrical shops to cell phone gadgets and accessories. We want to further strengthen our relations with Zimbabwe by establishing a Nigeria-Zimbabwe Chamber of Commerce where we will teach Zimbabweans entrepreneurship. Its also our desire to build our own business buildings here to plough back into the community, said Udemba.
Harassment of foreigners started when Zanu (PF) Intensified its Indigenisation drive. Party thugs began threatening to drive away all foreigners doing business in the cities.

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