The first requirement

bibleThank you to all those who have written to encourage us following the first issue of Faith Matters.

It is necessary to know from the Holy Spirit what direction He wants for each weeks articles. This week there has definitely been a leading on repentance and obedience. These are the keys that open up a new relationship with the Spirit of Christ living within and beginning to know Him.
God is Sovereign. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Our relationship to Him is based on this. We are His disciples, His followers, His body. As a holy, righteous, just and pure God He will have a new heaven and earth that shows these attributes. To be right with God we must turn away (repent) from our own desires, purposes and goals and line up with His.
In fact even miracles are supposed to lead us to repentance. Matthew 11:20 Then He (Jesus) proceeded to denounce the towns where most of His miracles were done, because they did not repent. Miracles should lead to repentance!
In Proverbs 5:23 we are told that a person will die because there is no instruction (5:23) and corrective instructions are the way to life (6:23). We need to tell people that Gods first requirement is repentance, a turning to Him, and then obedience to His commands.

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