Chiefs want NGOs back

Chiefs here have acknowledged that the departure of Non Governmental Organisations has stalled development in their communities.

In recent years, Zanu (PF) has been interfering with the operations of NGOs who were alleged to be working with Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC. Speaking at the Chief Council meeting here last week, however, the chiefs said that after chasing away the NGOs, the government had failed to construct schools, clinics and roads due to lack of funds.

Speaking through their spokesperson, Chief Ngungubane, the chiefs said: "The is need to work closely with donors who will help us to form community development trusts that have the capability of initiating developmental projects.

Schools, clinics and roads in our communities are dilapidated and the government has failed to renovate these structures because of economic challenges.

“As Chiefs it is therefore our duty to engage the donors whom we have been working with to form community trusts and raise funds for developmental issues," the chiefs said.

During the same meeting the chiefs said they were not happy with the foreign mining companies that were operating in Midlands Province who they accused of plundering their mining resources.

Chief Ngungubane said: "It is high time chiefs have dialogue with miners and negotiate for shares in the mining operations."

The Chiefs said they should emulate how South African chiefs had engaged miners in their areas and acquired shares that enabled them to channel funds into community development projects.

"Look at Rustenburg in South Africa. The area is very developed because they have formed community trusts with various platinum miners in the area. But in Zimbabwe these foreign mining companies are not contributing towards community projects," he said.

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