Chinese miners poison 9 elephants

Chinese nationals who are mining uranium in the northern part of the country near Mushumbe pools have allegedly poisoned nine elephants by leaving behind bread laced with poison for the ivory carrying mammals.

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task has received detailed reports of the gruesome killings of elephants in the Zambezi Valley, where President Robert Mugabe’s bosom buddies are not only mining but are also on a hunting spree for ivory.

“We have received a report that a group of Chinese people are mining for uranium in the Mushumbe Pools area in the North of Zimbabwe. In addition to destroying the environment and killing a variety of wildlife in the area, it is alleged that they have killed 9 elephants by leaving loaves of poisoned bread for them to eat,” said the chairman Johnny Rodrigues.

With ivory tusks fetching 10 times their African purchase price in China, and rhino horn valued at around $60,000 a kilo in Asia, the motivation for those involved in poaching is clear.

Unfortunately, while the Chinese government has implemented measures designed to bring the distribution chain under control – for example, establishing designated factories and retailers – they have been lax on the sale of ivory on the black market.

Meanwhile Rodrigues’s task team has also discovered that Zanu (PF) thugs who have been let loose in Masvingo Province lowveld area are also poaching and have already killed two elephants.

Unlike the Chinese who go for the ivory, these thugs go for the meat.

“A young elephant bull and a lactating cow were left with their heads cut off but with their tusks intact. The elephants were part of a popular herd that had become a tourist attraction. The herd was started in 1982 when some elephants were orphaned in the drought and reared by hand. They were therefore an easy target for the thugs because they trusted humans, having been bottle fed as youngsters,” said Rodrigues.

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