Clip war vet wings: Chief

Chief Nembire of Mbire has spoken out against Zanu (PF) forcing traditional leaders to be actively involved in politics.

Speaking in a no-holds-barred meeting last week, the outspoken chief threw his weight behind the MDC stance that chiefs must not meddle in political affairs but should remain the custodians of culture and heritage.

He said chiefs must support democratically elected legislators, regardless of their political affiliation.

“Chiefs must not be involved in the selection of candidates at any given time. Leave that to politicians. We should not take sides with any political party because we are apolitical. Chiefs are not elected – so they should support any candidate who won a free and fair election for the sake of development,” said Nembire.

Chief Chiweshe of Mazowe took a swipe at war veterans in his area for being disrespectful to the traditional leadership.

“We are being attacked by war veterans who are telling us that we did not participate in the war of liberation. Whenever we try to restrain them from acting unlawfully they simply defy orders and tell us that they fought for this country. I think the war veterans are flying too high and their wings must be clipped,” said Chiweshe.

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