Council battles as fat cats refuse to pay rates

Zanu (PF) officials and traditional leaders such as Minister David Parirenyatwa and Chief Mangwende are not paying rent for business projects in the rural council’s area of jurisdiction.

David Parirenyatwa
David Parirenyatwa

Senior employees said the council was struggling to deliver services as prominent politicians and some councillors were unwilling to pay their dues.

“How can council deliver services when prominent people refuse to pay rates? For your information, Chief Mangwende is not paying council rates for his business empires at Mukarakate and Saint Peters Shopping Centres. Minister David Parirenyatwa is not paying anything for his farming project at Chitowa. A Zanu (PF) councillor ward 14, Maliki, was also not willing to settle council debts regarding his shops at Jakopo Business Centre,” claimed a senior official.

He blamed Zanu (PF) officials of thinking that since the country was independent from the former colonial rule, people should have free access to economic resources at the expense of council revenue collection.

“Anyone in council who dared encourage people to pay bills would be regarded as an agent of the ‘western backed regime change,” he added.

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