Mutinhiri still Zanu – Shamu

Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament for Marondera East, Tracy Mutinhiri, is still a legitimate member of the party until the provincial disciplinary committee finds her otherwise, Zanu (PF) National Political Commissar, Webster Shamu, declared last week Saturday.

Mutinhiri is still a legitimate member of Zanu (PF).
Mutinhiri is still a legitimate member of Zanu (PF).

Shamu, who was addressing Zanu (PF) provincial and district members at Dombotombo Hall, warned party members against meting instant justice on Mutinhiri who was accused of voting MDC-T candidate, Gordon Moyo, to the speaker of Parliament and openly denouncing political violence in her constituency.

“It is the responsibility of the party provincial committee to investigate allegations levelled against honourable Mutinhiri. The committee should look into the allegations fairly and reach a just conclusion. At this juncture, as far as the party is concerned, Mutinhiri’s status in the party remains unchanged,” said Shamu.

He also urged overzealous party supporters not to disturb farming activities at Mutinhiri’s Waltendell Farm as such acts would be criminal.

“Regarding Mutinhiri’s farm, no one has the authority to invade the property as it belongs to her, provided she holds a legitimate offer letter. Issues concerning who occupies which farm are a responsibility of the Ministry of Lands. The ministry has the mandate to issue offer letters to deserving land holders.

So, please leave the Mutinhiri land issue to the relevant ministry,” Shamu told the visibly restless party officials who recently attempted to invade the farm, reportedly under instructions from Zanu (PF) Minister of State Security, Sydney Sekeramayi.

Mutinhiri became unpopular with party officials and some sections of supporters following her public denunciations of political violence, banning of party regalia and slogans at constituency development meetings and criticising the establishment of torture bases in her constituency.

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