UNDP’s funding dries up

The United Nations Development (UNDP) programme that has been funding the constitution making process will stop bankrolling the programme after the drafting process, a senior official said on Monday.

The announcement was made at a workshop organised by UN agents in Bulawayo, by Mfaro Moyo, UNDP’s Assistant Resident Representative.

“We do have resources that will enable us to fund the constitution process to the draft stage, but we do not have provisions for the referendum as it is different programme,” said Moyo.

The constitution making process has been affected by cash constraints and the constant bickering between the political parties. The process stopped prematurely on the June 9 because of a shortage of funds and the resurfacing of earlier disagreements about the methodology to be employed in analysing outreach data.

Moyo, however, said that UNDP was happy with the programme.

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