Exploit Zim-Moz trade potential: Chikolate

There is need to increase trade between Mozambique and Zimbabwe as both countries’ economies have great potential to grow, Mozambique’s Secretary for Economic Development has said.

Speaking to journalists from both countries after a business trip organised by Manicaland Business Council and their Mozambican counterparts, Jose Chikolate said the current trade volumes were too low and did not reflect the trade capacities of the two countries.

“A lot needs to be done to improve trade between the two countries. The $29 million trade volume per year is too small and does not reflect our trade potential and capacity,” he said.

He said Mozambique and Zimbabwe shared a cordial relationship that should encourage business from both sides to work together in developmental projects.

Chikolate said high level discussions between the two countries were already underway to enable Zimbabwe to improve its energy and transport sectors.

He said he had discussed cooperation in the areas of education, culture and politics during meetings with top Mutare business people.

“We want to help Zimbabwe build a small hydro-power station in the eastern highlands to improve the energy supply,” he said.

He said the tour with the business people from Mutare was fruitful and emphasised the need for other cities to do the same, as there was the need for strong ties between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the cities of Manica and Mutare plan to strengthen bilateral relations, particularly in the health and education sectors.

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