MDC-T seeks to free Mbare

The MDC-T is strategizing ways through which it can free the people of Mbare from the reign of terror instigated by Zanu (PF) thugs Chipangano – who have declared a war on the people.

Paul Madzore
Paul Madzore

In an interview the Chairman for Harare Province, Paul Madzore, said that his party controlled Mbare but Zanu (PF) was bussing in thugs to terrorise the people.

“We are looking at ways through which we can restore people’s rights in this area. We are going to look at the strength of our structures,” said Madzore.

Zanu (PF) supporters have declared Mbare a no-go area for MDC supporters and are harassing people in numerous ways – including preventing those living with HIV and AIDS from access to treatment.

The police have done nothing to arrest the known perpetrators of violence, who are also looting from innocent traders.

Chipanagano, sponsored by Zanu (PF), has made life especially difficult for women and children. The thugs have vandalized boreholes claiming they were drilled by an MP from the MDC.

“There is no doubt that the MDC has more supporters in Mbare. People who are beating up vendors are not from here. They are hired thugs,” said a resident of the restive suburb.

Madzore said his party was looking at peaceful means through which Mbare residents could be freed from the youths’ tyrannical behaviour. “We are in the process of reconciling and we will find solutions,” he promised.

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