National professional undertaker

Astute local observers have pointed out to me that almost every year, from July to August, not less than 50 people will die in Zimbabwe through traffic accidents and other causes.

John Makumbe
John Makumbe

I had not made this specific observation myself, but this year I was forced to reconsider the argument that this is the period when some spiritual forces of darkness demand to be thanked or paid in blood for the work they did for this country during the liberation struggle.

Being a good Christian, I should quickly dismiss this notion as some old men or women’s tales. But when you see Satanists appearing on ZTV telling their gory stories then you know that you have the responsibility to expose these forces of darkness so that the harm they seek to inflict on innocent people is thwarted. Demons do not like to be exposed; they are like intelligence agents or spies. Exposure makes their work more difficult to do.

The claim that Zanu ndeye ropa (Zanu (PF) is a blood-thirsty party) should not be taken lightly. The fact that the Heroes Days celebrations are conducted in August necessarily means that the spilling of blood to appease the ancestral powers that are alleged to have guided and protected the liberation forces will need to be effected at about that time every year. This year, the numbers involved in each accident have been on the high side, with some 20 bus passengers perishing in one incident.

Add to that the fast-dying members of Zanu (PF) that have forced President Mugabe to become the Professional National Undertaker and you have a very disturbing scenario. Mugabe has become so adept at burying his underlings that sometimes I wonder whether he does not actually enjoy these mournful occasions.

He seems to become full of energy whenever he has the occasion to speak for hours at a funeral of one of his deceased comrades. The majority of the living comrades that will be at the Zanu (PF) Heroes’ Acre will be wondering whether they will be the next in line. They need not worry; the old man will be available to bury them with dignity.

At the time of writing no less than two of Mugabe’s ministers are in South Africa for medical treatment. These are the very people that destroyed our national health system through their bad policies and now they have to travel to as far as China, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa for treatment. The poor people of Zimbabwe have no choice but to face certain death in our collapsing clinics and hospitals.

These are the same people who refuse to let go of state powers to those who can do a better job. Thank God, some of them are dying off and Mugabe is actively burying them. It is the duty of all of us Christians to extricate this blood-soaked country from the ropa ramagamba (blood of the liberators) in order to stop this annual sacrificial killing of our people to satisfy the avenging spirits of the deceased liberators. This we can only do through praying, fasting and committing this country to God through the blood of Jesus our Lord.

Finally, concerning General Mujuru’s mysterious death two weeks ago, emerging stories about diamond deals and squabbles seem to ring more true than the earlier stories about a candle and being drunk, too drunk to escape a fire that fails to totally consume the sofas in the same house. One day the truth of the matter shall be told. In the meantime a great fear has pervaded the former liberation party with most senior members looking over their shoulders more often than ever before.

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