(NYDT) Weekly activity update

Bulawayo Youth Council: A Bulawayo Youth Council full council meeting was held on Saturday the 6th of August 2011.

Among other issues discussed, the young councilors discussed opportunities available for young people in their respective communities as well as to give reports of the development initiatives they have initiated. Although the re-opening of beer gardens was seen as an opportunity since could now benefit from recreational and other facilities they provided, youth councilors expressed concern over the manner in which the tenders were awarded.

The tenders were given to business people from outside their communities resulting in such business people importing labour rather than employing from within that community where the beer garden is located.

Secondly, the youth councilors noted that in the past, revenue generated from the beer halls was used to build schools and develop roads in the area and there was therefore a need to ensure that these people who won the tenders also do something to benefit the community.

Lastly, they questioned the transparency of the system, saying it did not allay their fears that the private entities awarded the tenders could have been corruptly awarded the tenders.

On de-industrialization in Bulawayo, the youth councilors welcomed the current debate in Council which seeks to promote backyard industries. The relocation and closure of factories in Bulawayo has resulted in more than 20 000 people losing their jobs and backyard industries can be a source of income and employment for locals.

Focus group discussion: A focus group discussion was held in Makokoba to youth participation in electoral processes. Among the issues discussed was the need for young people to register as voters, to vote and ultimately to defend their vote.

Some of the youths who attended the meeting complained that they were being harassed by staff at the Registrar’s satellite station located at Mpilo central hospital. They were asked numerous questions such as why they were coming in large numbers and why they had decided to register when they did.

Participants at the discussion however resolved that it was better for the youths to go there in groups and those without identity documents were encouraged to make efforts to get them so as to register.


A youth peace dialogue meeting was held in Beitbridge on Friday to discuss the constitution making process so far as well as identify possible opportunities for youths in the remaining stages. The youths in Beitbridge lamented the lack of consultation by elected officials saying that this would pose as a challenge since the draft constitution will be debated in parliament. They also questioned this move saying that the constitution is not a bill but the supreme law of the land and therefore should be discussed outside parliament. The young people also expressed fear of arbitrary arrests as a hindrance to their participation in such important processes as constitution making. They however agreed to make use of platforms provided by organisations such as NYDT to forward their views for representation at the second all stakeholders’ conference.

National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) is a non-profit making, membership based youth organisation whose mission is to develop sustainable leadership qualities in young people for their effective contribution to education, the economy, politics, culture, health and agriculture to enhance the quality of their and the countries’ well being.

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