Stop speculation: JoiceMujuru

General Solomon Mujuru's widow, Joice on Wednesday implored her Zanu PF colleagues to stop speculating about her husband's death in remarks that raised eyebrows.

Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

Mai Mujuru, who is the acting President, tried to put a lid on wild speculation on her husband's death, who was burnt to cinder in his Beatrice home amid reports he had a girlfriend.

Top guns in the Mujuru faction are not buying the official police and ZESA explanation that a candle caused the fire that killed him.

Questions were swirling at Mai Mujuru's Chisipite home on Wednesday among mourners who were questioning why the General failed to open the window and jump out of the Beatrice farm house which had no burglar bars. Others questioned who had bolted the door from outside, while others questioned what kind of fire could have possibly burnt a man beyond recognition.

There is strong suspicion that there was foul play. One top member of the Mujuru faction simply said: "He was killed, period."

Police remained tight-lipped saying pathology tests were underway at One Commando barracks but little information was trickling out.

Amid intensifying speculation, the Zanu PF Politbuo which met yesterday and declared Mujuru a national hero, resolved that no party official would make any comment on Mujuru's death save for official Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo, who is not saying anything save to say they are still awaiting the police probe.

Mai Mujuru, speaking at her Chisipite home yesterday, moved to silence her colleagues.

Mai Mujuru, a devout Salvation Army parishioner, said "God is the only one who has an answer".

"Ndirikukumbira hama neshamwari kuteerera kuite kushoma, nokuti zvinoitika kuti munhu acommente zvaasingagoni kuti azomira achipupura mangwana," Mai Mujuru said.

"Mwari watiri kunamata achatipa mhinduro. We don't have to solicit for an extra mile, sometimes unozotsvaga nezvisipo. Kwatiri Solomon atova mudzimu wekwa Mwendamberi," she said.

Zanu-PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa repeated the same interdict just after announcing that Mujuru would be laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre on Saturday.

"Tabvumirana kuti tinozvinzwa tichiteerera asi tosiira kunavaGumbo vachipindura pavanokwanisa. Isu vamwe tinofanira kubata miromo yedu," he said.

In his typical threatening tone, Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya-Moyo warned the private media against speculating on the death of Mujuru, which many believe was an assassination.

"What I see in the so-called independent newspapers is not good. Let's avoid being irresponsible. Let's mourn with dignity. We should respect the dead and the Mujuru family," Khaya-Moyo said.

"The freedom which makes you (the private media) betray your own people is the freedom which was brought by General Mujuru. I am appealing to those in the media to search your souls and stand up to be counted. United we stand and divided we fall."

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