Zanu (PF) launches Ndebele jingles

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) television viewers and radio listeners should brace for more incessant and annoying Zanu (PF) propaganda jingles following the launch of the Ndebele version of the jingles here last week.

The jingles, composed by Light Machine Gun choir, will start to be aired on the next week, according to sources at the national broadcaster. The original choir was formed by Zapu cadres in Zambia in 1978 during the liberation struggle.

Speaking at the launch of the jingles, Matabeleland South provincial information officer, Alois Chamboko, who was representing Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu, claimed that the jingles tell the story of a heroic people who wrested their land from the clutches of the white man.

“The revolutionary songs are part of our heritage, telling the story of our people. However these songs are losing respect because some people among us are belittling them, calling them jingles while deriding groups that sing them,” said Chamboko.

According to Zanu (PF) sources, Zanu (PF) politburo member Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, approached LMC with the idea of coming up with an Ndebele version of the jingles after a similar project failed due to reluctance of most musical groups in Bulawayo to take part in the propaganda exercise.

Zapu spokesman Methuseli Moyo said the launch of the jingles was a non event because most of the original members deserted the choir long back and joined Zapu.

Since the formation of the inclusive government in 2009, ZBC has been churning out nonstop Zanu (PF) Shona propaganda jingles on its television and stations stations. The jingles composed by Mbare chimurenga choir demonise the MDC while propping up the waning political fortunes of the former ruling party.

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