Zanu wants Zuma out

President Mugabe's Zanu (PF) party wants the regional bloc SADC to appoint a new facilitator for Zimbabwe's internal political dialogue, contrary to an official communiqué which restated the leaders' support for South African President Jacob Zuma to continue in his mediation role.

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

Zanu (PF) spin doctors have been scathing of Zuma, appointed by SADC as facilitator of Zimbabwe's internal political settlement, because he accuses him of bias and taking sides with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC.

Insiders to this week's marathon summit of southern African leaders in Luanda said a breakthrough on who should lead the Zimbabwe's internal political dialogue is not likely to emerge.

Zuma is expected to take over as the chairman of the SADC Troika. Zanu (PF) says he cannot continue as mediator because then that would mean he would have to report to himself about developments in Zimbabwe. However, SADC executive secretary, Tomaz Salamao, has already stated that Zuma will continue in his facilitation role.

Zanu (PF) rejects this and wants SADC heads of State to break the impasse over Zuma by suggesting that another eminent African politician be sought to help the internal party dialogue issue.

“The question is which hat he should wear because he cannot wear two because he does not have two heads. President Zuma should choose either to remain as facilitator and allow another head of State to assume the Troika chairmanship,” said Zanu (PF) spokesman, Prof Jonathan Moyo.

"Or if he chooses to be the Troika chairman then he should allow another person to take the task of facilitator in Zimbabwe. If they insist that he should take the two responsibilities, they will be inviting clear conclusion that there is a sinister agenda. That will create unnecessary tension within the facilitation team and Sadc itself."

Diplomatic sources say SADC is "highly unlikely" to agree to the search for a new facilitator given the massive strides made by Zuma in the mediation.

Zuma's facilitation team has read the riot act to Zanu (PF) for deliberately delaying the peace process in last dicth private meetings ahead of the SADC heads of State summit.

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