38 000 men circumcised: PSI

Thirty-eight thousand men have been circumcised since the inception of the national voluntary circumcision in 2009, Population Services International male circumcision Programme Manager, Roy Dhlamini, said.

Although the number of those who had the snip was low compared to the population of males in the country, it was a milestone achievement, Dhlamimi added.

“It’s different from other countries where circumcision is part of their tradition, Zimbabwean men were not socialized to be circumcised, so it’s an achievement, although we were expecting to have over one million men circumcised by the year 2015,” said Dhlamini.

PSI said in Zimbabwe less than 10 percent of the male population was circumcised in the country. Matebeleland provinces had the highest number of those circumcised because of the culture of minority groups such as Varemba, Yao, and Tonga people.

Dhlamini also added that Masvingo province had a significant figure because of the Shangani population. PSI is working with the traditional groups who have been traditionally circumcising men in the bid to improve hygienic conditions.

“We have approached the traditional leaders of those groups who had been doing the exercise to offer our helping hand. For example Shangani people believe that they must circumcise their boys in the bush. Last year the PSI team was in Gonarezhou National Parks circumcising the boys and no death occurred,” said Dhlamini.

The exercise, which was approved by The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, has seen more centres being opened country wide. Male circumcision is known to reduce the rate of HIV infection by 60 percent.

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