Apostles ignore farm order

Members of the Johanne Masowe apostolic sect, who have been intimidating the residents of Bollarnt Farm in Masvingo for the past few weeks, have refused to accept the Zanu (PF) order to put an end to the invasion.

The mapostori, who have been threatening the farm’s owners with knobkerries, were told by the district administrator to leave the area, but are simply defying the directive.

"We have heard nothing," said Madzibaba Lameck. "We will remain here. We have been promised land. We have been struggling for land for years.”

"We won the war of liberation," he added. “Thirty years of independence and we still haven't got our land back. These white people colonised us. We are landless, and we are tired of waiting for what is ours."

James Mazvidza, the Masvingo District Administrator and the Zanu (PF) Governor of Masvingo, Titus Maluleke, have told them that they must go through normal land

allocation processes in order to lay claim to the farm. He said the professional provincial lands committee team would have to assess the case, and in the meantime the invaders must leave.

The fact that the present owners of Bollarnt legally bought their 4,000-acre farm, with the approval of President Mugabe's government, cuts little ice with the mapostori.

"They bought stolen property," said Madzibaba Lameck.

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