Back-up water needed

The Harare council is battling to meet the service delivery needs of its burgeoning population, with efforts to drill more boreholes in anticipation of another cholera outbreak facing funding problems.


In an interview, Harare West MP Jessie Majome said water scarcity had became a nightmare in low density suburbs which she is trying to solve by drilling boreholes using the US$50 000 Constituency Development Fund. However, she says the money is inadequate.

“Harare is experiencing very severe water shortages. I found it necessary to provide public water backup supply so I drilled boreholes,” said Majome.

Although many people in the high income suburbs have drilled boreholes, in Westgate and Bluff Hill there are fewer underground water sources.

“If we do not have a backup plan we will see another cholera outbreak because the situation is dire in low density suburbs where people pay high rates but go for weeks without water. At the very least the council should inform the residents of the dangers,” said Majome.

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