Chicken projects boost income

Following the government ban on chicken meat imports, several households have turned to chicken projects as a major source of income.

Rural and urban households have improved their welfare through chicken breeding and selling.

“With seed capital of $150 I decided to venture into the chicken project in July this year. I started with 100 chickens and have had four sales to date. Each 100 chickens give me $400 profit. I have since devised a consistent business strategy whereby the chickens would be separated by a two week age difference. The slight age difference helps sustain constant deliveries to the market,” said Mbuya Roniya Makwara of Hwedza.

She said there was a large demand for her chickens. She sells some to civil servants such as teachers and nurses through a credit facility. Local food outlets at Hwedza and Sadza Growth Points make bulk purchases on credit. A dressed chicken fetches $7.

Makwara buys chickens at $85 for 100, and spends $105 on feed to see them through to the selling stage at six weeks.

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  1. Zimbabwe Women Poultry & small stock Farmers' Trust (Zwpft)

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