Day of Peace insignificant: ZLHR

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said they had nothing to celebrate last week on International Peace Day as political uncertainty in the country continued to make their work difficult.

ZLHR Spokesperson, Kumbirai Mafunda, said it was unfortunate human rights defenders continued to be arrested nationwide.

“As we speak our lawyers are attending to the cases of 10 members of WOZA who have just been arrested by the police while celebrating this important day and this shows where we are as far as promoting peace is concerned. Over the past eight months ZLHR has assisted over 1000 Zimbabweans who were persecuted by the state for trumped up charges, most of which had been thrown out by the courts, and this alone means a lot to us and the entire world. We strongly think that the country should be today taking stock of its achievements in promoting peace over the past three decades instead of continuously persecuting innocent civilians,” said Mafunda.

Jeffrey Moyo, a freelance journalist, said “We have nothing to celebrate on this day given what is happening in our beloved country. We have journalists and human rights defenders being arrested while carrying out their duties. Their voices are being stifled by the authorities who do not want to be exposed for corruption and other forms of malpractices.”

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