Don't blame the devil

He cannot make you do anything

Satan don't blame, he's playing his game. His game, with the help of his accomplices, is to:

Steal – your time spent with God, your time to do assignments for God, God's word from you,

Kill – who he can whenever he can, or get others to kill on his behalf,

Destroy – your health, your wealth, your marriage, your good relationships with others, your peace and your joy.

We can't blame Satan if we give him a foothold in our life, when are meant to keep him under our feet. We can't blame Satan if he gives (and he does) ungodly thoughts and suggestions and we act on them. We can't blame Satan if he is always with and around us with his suggestions of sinful and evil and wicked deeds, when the Word says, "resist the devil and he will flee from you"

We resist the devil with the word of God as Jesus did. And we are to keep the full Armour of God on us always. We are not to blame Satan when we succumb to the desires of the flesh, when we are told to mortify our sinful fleshly (soulful and sensual) desires by walking in the Spirit.

We are responsible for our actions, or, as a preacher recently said: 'Our Response Is Our Responsibility'. The devil did not make Eve eat of the forbidden fruit; he just suggested that she do it. Likewise God does not make us do anything. We are free to accept and to receive, or to reject, His love, mercies and grace offered through Christ Jesus. He does give us free will and choice.

But when God says "Today I present before you blessings and curses, life and death, choose life" we need to do what He says, not what the devil suggests. None can say "the devil led me astray" when all are clearly told that Christ is The one and only Way. And none can say "the devil made me go to hell".

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