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Army to presidency?

The former leader of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) will be a leading candidate for Northern Ireland's presidency at next month’s elections. Sinn Fein voted for Martin McGuinness who promises a platform of reconciliation.

Egypt election dates

Egyptians will head to the poll in November for the first time since former president Hosni Mubarack was deposed. The voting phase is expected to begin on November 21 and finish in early January.

Nepal earthquake toll

At least 21 are dead and 90 injured after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Nepal near the border with India. The Sunday disaster, near Katmandu, has destroyed buildings and left hundreds of thousands without electricity in the two countries.

Palestine’s UN bid

The United Nations will reject Palestine’s bid for statehood, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said. The disputed Palestinian territories currently only have observer status at the international body but applied for membership.

Crash investigations

Authorities are still identifying the bodies of those killed in an American aircraft race in Nevada last weekend. Seven people, including the pilot, were killed when a plane crashed into a crowd. Almost 70 spectators were injured.

Zanzibar ferry charges

Five people are tipped to face charges over the death of more than 200 people when a ferry sank earlier this month. Four men faced court on Monday while the exact charges are being finalised.

Security lapse at Honolulu

More than 30 people are jobless after a security lapse at Honolulu International Airport. Authorities discovered that thousands of bags were allowed onto flights without being checked by staff. Three employees resigned and a further 28 were fired.

Karachi blast

At least eight are dead after a car packed with explosives was detonated in Karachi, Pakistan. The blast on Sunday targeted the home of the Crime Investigation Department chief.

Politician found dead

Mexican authorities have identified two bodies with bullet wounds as those of federal congressman Moises Villanueva and his driver. They were found on the side of the road. They had been missing since September 4.

UK terror charges

Six men and a woman have been held in England’s largest city in a large anti-terrorism. Authorities said the people in their 20s and 30s were suspected of planning deadly attacks in the UK.

SA secrecy protests

China floods

Floods in southwest China have killed at least 27 and left dozens more missing. Officials in Sichuan have ordered the evacuation of over 600,000 people as major tributaries to the Yangtze swelled after days of non-stop rain.

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