Headman promotes peace

Headman Chengetayi Bhokisi, a known Zanu (PF) stalwart, shocked his peers when he called for villagers to shun politically-motivated violence while addressing a meeting at Bikita Secondary School.

“We are all ruled by the Duma clan of the Moyo totem in Bikita. Fighting amongst ourselves will not get us anywhere. Just as we have different Christian denominations like Roman Catholic, Zion and Apostolic sects who serve one Jesus, so do we also have different political parties like Zanu (PF), ZAPU, MDC and Mavambo in a free Zimbabwe.

“Let’s put the moment of madness where we fought our kith and kin for belonging to different political parties behind us. We lost many good citizens whose contribution to the economic turnaround of our country could have been immense during the 2000, 2002 and 2008 political upheavals in Bikita,” said Headman Bhokisi.

He went on to explain how, as headmen under Chief Mazungunye of Bikita, they would impose a fine of two cattle and a possible eviction order for anyone found guilty of fanning political hatred and violence in their area of jurisdiction.

Despite benefiting from President Mugabe’s all-terrain 4×4 trucks, electrified homesteads and hefty salaries, chiefs in Bikita have been hailed for preaching the gospel of political tolerance.

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