Kunonga damages CPCA

Ex-communicated former Bishop of the Church of the Province of Central Africa and Mugabe bootlicker, Nolbert Kunonga’s actions have seriously affected the operations of the Anglican CPCA Masvingo Diocese.

Bishop Godfrey Taonezvi of the Masvingo Diocese is the one charged to oversee the churches in the whole of Masvingo province, including the recently besieged Daramombe Mission.

“If Kunonga’s actions of interfering with the church were only confined to Harare,

one would be easily hoodwinked into believing that he parted with the CPCA Anglican church on Christian ideologies regarding homosexuality, as he would like the people to believe.

“However, following his invasion of the Anglican CPCA properties countrywide, including a children’s home in Murehwa and Daramombe Mission, it goes to show that Kunonga is a desperate criminal seeking to enrich himself overnight.

“He wants to reap where he did not sow. No wonder he has overtaken the Budiriro St.

Faith’s Anglican Church building and converted it to New Horizon academic College.

He remained with six congregants following his expulsion from the CPCA. The rest of the congregants are now worshipping at Budiriro Youth Training Centre. Besides the House of Shekinah church is now meeting at the Budiriro Anglican church building and is paying rent directly to Kunonga’s personal account as does the college authorities, “ said Bishop Taonezvi.

The CPCA Anglican Masvingo Diocese has opened churches in Bikita and Zaka districts as the church spreads its tentacles in the province.

In Bikita, the Anglican CPCA church has bought stands at Chikuku Growth Point and Gedhe Maranganyika. Meanwhile parishioners meet at the house of the late Lovemore Mutingwende who pioneered the growth of the Anglican CPCA church.

Following Kunonga’s recent expulsion of the headmaster, teachers and nurses aligned to Bishop Chad Gandiya at Daramombe Mission, there has been chaos in the CPCA Masvingo diocese.

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