MDC99 hails regime change

All progressive forces worldwide should join Zambians as they celebrate their new political dispensation, the MDC99 said in a recent statement.

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

The solidarity and congratulatory statement signed by party leader Job Sikhala hails the triumph of the Libyan people over the oppressive Gaddafi regime as a catalyst for change in the continent.

“The people of Libya have prevailed in their fight against one of Africa’s longest-serving and most brutal dictators, Muammar Gaddafi. MDC99 congratulates them in this regard whilst recognising the National Transitional Council currently responsible for transforming that country into a democracy.

“Only dictators and fake fighters for democracy would fail to appreciate and celebrate this victory, not only for Libya but across the whole of Africa. In the same vein, the African Union should be urged to climb down from its unprogressive position of refusing to recognize the NTC because this is surely the better alternative for the people of Libya.

“Our message to the NTC in Libya is that they should not be deterred by the desires of some well known dictators within the AU.

“As a progressive party firmly focused on delivery of real change and freedom to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe, we have been spurred on by the victory of Libyans and emboldened in our fight against dictator Robert Mugabe and his failed Government of National Unity. MDC99 continued to urge Zimbabweans to prepare for the final rebellion against the dictatorship of Mugabe and the GNU circus”.

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