MLF secretary resigns

Within sight of the start of his new Organising Secretary position, former Mthwakazi Liberation Front secretary for Legal Affairs, Sabelo Ngwenya, has resigned.

Ngwenya, who spoke exclusively to The Zimbabwean said that continued assassination threats from fellow members had forced him to step down.

"There have been several assassination plots against me, organised by a small clique of politically irrelevant but dangerous criminals within the movement. Their gripe with me is that I have overshadowed them and "hijacked" their political project," he said.

Ngwenya also said that his career with MLF was over, but that he would continue fighting for democracy in the country.

"I can still help to end the marginalisation of Matabeleland and Midlands residents, but outside MLF. Even though they are refusing to accept my resignation, they can't keep me in hell, can they? I can die for the marginalised people, but I can't die for MLF," he added.

MLF national spokesperson, David Magagula, who worked closely with Ngwenya, declined to comment on the issue.

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