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At first glance this is just another South African border town, but if you look closely you will see young adults roaming the street in search of employment and unaccompanied minors begging for food.

Unaccompanied minors at the Jesuit Refugee Services office reading <em>The Zimbabwean.</em> ” /><figcaption>Unaccompanied minors at the Jesuit Refugee Services office reading <em>The Zimbabwean.</em> </figcaption></figure>
<p>Many here survive on handouts with children forced to beg after they crossed the border from Zimbabwe in search of a better life.</p>
<p>El Shaddai men’s shelter in Musina has opened its doors for young Zimbabwean men to have a place to rest their heads and fill their stomachs. The shelter is run by Pastor Sithole and his wife, who, in the spirit of ubuntu, started the shelter in order to help the young men who come to Musina in search of jobs.</p>
<p>Although this is a step up from living in the street, the shelter is no more than a tent. Mrs Sithole begged civil society organisations that were gathered in Musina as part of the Zimbabwe Human Arts Festival to help them to erect a fence. Because the shelter is unsecured, she fears for the men’s lives and cannot replace the blankets that are being stolen by outsiders. A fence is not the only thing that’s needed at the El Shaddai shelter, with the rainy season quickly approaching, the old tent won’t be much use because of its dilapidated condition.</p>	
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