Nobody can stop Zanu thugs: Makone

Violent thugs from ZANU PF have more power than the police and the MDC-T cannot do anything to stop them, the co-Minister of Home Affairs Theresa Makone has admitted, just a day after the Chipangano gang in Mbare assaulted minibus operators as police watched.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa's programme "Question Time", the Minister admitted that her party has no power to stop the violent youths and police are not allowed to arrest them, as long as they are furthering the ZANU PF agenda.

“There is this unwritten law that is understood by ZANU PF that you cannot arrest their members. We have talked about it in parliament, in cabinet and party meetings. But what difference does it make if the hands of the police are tied?" Makone said.

She added that police officers had been assaulted on Tuesday by members of the Chipangano gang in Harare, who were beating up minibus drivers refusing to pay a fee for each trip. The incident occurred in front of the police station.

Asked how it was possible for the police to fail to subdue and arrest a group of young thugs, the Home Affairs co-Minister said: "It's not a question of numbers. If instructions are given not to arrest them you can do nothing."

Makone said she has spoken to Robert Mugabe about the violence on several occasions and informed him that there was a problem. But he gets other reports, from sources she says she does not know, that say incidents have gone down.

"He needs to give a clear and direct command to the police to arrest all perpetrators of violence without regard for color of their regalia" the frustrated Minister explained, adding: "I'm unhappy with this as a minister and a leader of women."

Makone confirmed reports in the Newsday newspaper that ZANU PF youths had invaded her constituency and established a torture base there. According to Newsday, Harare's deputy Mayor, Emmanuel Chiroto, has threatened to quit as a result of ZANU PF's invasions.

Makone said she believes the violence would end if the SADC team that is due to work with JOMIC is sent to Zimbabwe soon.

Regional leaders resolved to appoint a 3-member team to assist JOMIC with the implementation of the GPA months ago. The team has still not been appointed.

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