Prostitution, Mugabe to blame

An exiled Zimbabwean political activist this week blamed prostitution on the continuing oppression of her countrymen by President Robert Mugabe.

A prostitute who works in Johannesburg’s CBD.
A prostitute who works in Johannesburg’s CBD.

Many Zimbabwean women living in South Africa have been forced to turn to the sex industry as a way of making a living in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Collin Makumbirofa, of the Foundation for Reason and Justice, said early this week that the method was a result of destitution, poverty and oppression that continues to affect these women due to Mugabe’s misrule that had spanned the past three decades.

“Both married and unmarried women are resorting to prostitution. In Johannesburg, places of adult entertainment are all occupied by women from Zimbabwe and thousands are earning a living through prostitution,” said Makumbirofa.

“We have lost our pride as a nation. Zanu (PF) continues to cause untold suffering in the lives of women, children, and the disabled. Women here have no dignity any more, they have been reduced to animals by the government in their home country.”

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