SADC, deal with Zim: MDC99

The Southern Africa Development Committee should stop entertaining Mugabe’s madness and deal seriously with the failing government of National Unity, MDC99 said in a recent statement.

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

The statement signed by the party President, Job Sikhala, reads: “MDC99 finds the continuing circus of talks, summits and endless negotiations by the three parties involved in the failed inclusive government of Zimbabwe to have become totally meaningless. SADC has become an accomplice in this skewed political set-up, which is a huge burden to the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

“We hereby call for an immediate end to this Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube circus and believe the way forward is to

replace the failed and scandalous GNU with a transitional authority headed by a civilian in preparation for a free and fair election. This is in light of Mugabe’s self-imposed position of a superior partner in the inclusive government.

“Drafting of the roadmap to credible elections should involve all political parties in the country such as MDC-T, MDC, MDC99, ZAPU, Mavambo, Zanu Ndonga, Democratic Party, ANC and even Daniel Mangoma’s outfit. This would make the roadmap representative of the political parties’ interests and desires.

“Our appeal to SADC is that they should admit the failure of the GNU farce and allow Zimbabweans to go through a transition under a different arrangement headed by a respected cleric or civic leader.”

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