Spreading the good news

We live in a world that does not know the Lord.

Some think that because churches exist in a community, everyone in the community has heard the gospel. How far from the truth this is. In every community, every Sunday, while churches are meeting, people not in church and without the knowledge of God are living in constant fear of evil and doing all kinds of things that are abominable to God, in a desperate attempt to survive or get ahead in life the only way they know how.

As they do so, their marriages are being torn apart, their children are being abused and victimised and death surrounds them on every side. Even many people who attend church faithfully are living this way!

In over eight years of conducting our gospel campaigns throughout the country, there has never been a single community we have visited in which this scenario has not been true. Everywhere we find communities being ravaged by the works of Satan, destroyed by the consequences of sin, totally ignorant of the gospel of Jesus. And this is in communities where churches already exist.

This is why it is our fervent desire for every man, woman and child in every community we conduct a gospel campaign, to hear the gospel. This is why we put up hundreds of posters and hand out thousands of gospel flyers each time we hold a campaign. This is why we are continuing to build a sound system capable of carrying the sound of our voices along every street and into every house in the communities in which God has called us to preach.

This is why we have invested in lighting that stands out like a beacon against the night sky. This is why we always erect our stage and tent in open spaces close to the most densely populated places in each community. This is why our team pastors spend over eight hours everyday ministering to the individual needs of people in the community. We don’t want the gospel to go unnoticed. We don’t want to talk about the wonder of God’s love and grace stuck away in some corner.

What a joy it is to carry the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to those without God and without hope in this world. How wonderful it is to see people possessed by devils set free, the sick healed and sinners instructed in the way of God, turning in repentance to Him who loves them and has chosen them to be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

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