Stranger in a strange land

It can be extremely difficult being an Asylum Seeker or Refugee in a foreign country. Regulations are often either unclear or ambiguous and are subject to change. There are many unanswered questions like how do we bring our family over to our newly adopted country? What healthcare services to we have access to? Can our children attend free government schools?

In order to provide credible information to the most common questions and problems regarding Immigration to South Africa, Telestream Communications has created the Immigration Info Line.

This is a simple service where customers dial in to hear information about the various

services available to foreigners in South Africa. It also offers help on how to appeal declined applications and how, where and when to renew permits.

Simply dial <span tabindex="-1" dir="ltr" class="skype_pnh_container <span class="skype_pnh_mark </span></span> from a land line or cell phone.

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