The world's smallest aquarium

A Russian artist has created the world's smallest working aquarium - which holds just two teaspoons of water.

The tiny fish tank contains miniature plants, multicoloured stones, and miniature zebra danio fish.

Measuring just 30 mm wide by 24 mm high and 14mm deep, the glass tank can be held in the palm of your hand.

The water has to be applied with a syringe and the fish have to be added with a specially made miniature fish net.

The extraordinary creation is the latest by Anatoly Konenko, 57, from Omsk, in Russia, who specialises in what he calls 'microminiature' art.

He said: "The tank was made out of curiosity. It is the world's smallest and holds only 10ml of water.

"For reference, 5ml is one teaspoon, so the aquarium can hold only two teaspoons worth of water."

During the past three decades, Mr Konenko has perfected the painstaking skill of writing on tiny grains of rice, poppy seeds and even human hair.

In 1996, he was recognised by Guinness World Records for the smallest ever book. Other creations include a caravan of 12 miniature camels inside the eye of a needle.

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