Top CIO operative deployed to Malaysia

The Human Resources Director for Mugabe’s Spy Agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation, T. Mlambo, recently left the country to take up an undisclosed top post with Zimbabwe’s spy network in Malaysia.

Mlambo, a close associate of Mugabe and a permanent feature in the aging octogenarian leader’s external visits delegation, hosted a farewell party for close associates and church members at his Marondera Winston Park home early this month. He flew out of the country for Malaysia a fortnight ago.

“Mlambo had overall authority regarding recruitment of spy agents into the CIO.

Though he regarded himself a Christian of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe, his hands were dirty as he played a pivotal role in the violation of human rights by the former ruling Zanu (PF) and the partisan state security agents. He violently invaded a white owned commercial farm along the Marondera-Hwedza-Bridge Road.

He went on to rename the property, Tafirenyika Farm. Following the farm invasion members of the church began to shun him and his activities but he could not repent,” said an insider at the CIO Headquarters in Harare.

Following the death of the former CIO Director and ‘National Hero’, Muzariri, it was widely expected that Mlambo would be lifted to the post because of his close relationship with Mugabe.

“Last year, Mlambo and some members of the Junta hosted a celebration party at the farm and rejoiced his newly found status as a black commercial farmer. Villagers from his rural home, Gutu, and church members from his home church, Aleit Mission, graced the occasion.

He also invited male members from his Marondera church branch, Varume veSangano, but most of them turned down the invitation as they did not want to be associated with Mlambo’s ‘illegal’ land activities.

“At one point he suggested that the farm be turned into a church preaching point, an idea shot down by church elders who said that the way the property was acquired was against the teachings of the Holy Bible. Mlambo held a powerful post in the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe where he is the Church District Central Deacon.”

An announcement was made last Sunday at Dombotombo Reformed Church that: “Mlambo has finally left the country to take a diplomatic post in Malaysia”.

Church members expressed relief over his departure.

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