We expect a YES: COPAC

We did everything possible to ensure that all views expressed by people during outreach meetings were incorporated into the draft constitution and we expect a YES vote at the referendum this December, said COPAC officials at the Mashonaland East Provincial Agriculture Show last week.

The views compilation process was marred by differences from both parties in the GPA. Zanu (PF) wanted the views to be compiled using the quantitative method while MDC formations preferred the qualitative formula.

“Yes, there were counterproductive squabbles between political parties regarding the method to be used regarding compilation of people’s views. At the end of the day a consensus was reached and both suggested methods were considered. In this respect, it is unlikely that the draft constitution would be rejected by the people at referendum”, said COPAC officials at the show exhibition stand.

People’s views were compiled by thematic committees at district, provincial and national levels. After the conference, the draft constitution will be debated in parliament and then go to referendum. If people approve the draft constitution at referendum a new constitution will be crafted.

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