Wikileaks reveals emasculated leadership

Given the polarisation in Zimbabwe it is not often that people of different political persuasions come to the same conclusion.

But judging by the Wikileaks revelations it is patently clear that top Zanu (PF) officials are just as keen as the rest of Zimbabwe to see the back of President Robert Mugabe.

Unfortunately, these officials know that Mugabe will not tolerate dissension in the ranks. Many bright Zanu (PF) officials have had their political careers snuffed out by the all-powerful Mugabe because they had entertained the notion that one day they might aspire to be President of Zimbabwe.

This has forced the party faithful to speak of life after Mugabe in hushed tones, behind his back and behind closed doors. It would seem that US diplomats were better briefed on the thinking in Zanu (PF) as a party than Mugabe himself was.

The Wikileaks reports also show how emasculated the Zanu (PF) heavies actually are. With so many calling for his departure, none of them has been brave enough at Congress or at any other public gathering of the party.

We recall Margaret Dongo’s retort in Parliament a few years ago that Zanu (PF) officials were nothing but “Mugabe’s wives”. How right she was!

Maybe, and only maybe, some day soon somebody in the party, buoyed by the convergence of varying political conclusions, will muster enough courage to tell the dear leader that his time is up. For the good of Zimbabwe he should pack his bags and go.

The tragedy is that, if only these guys had come together and pooled their ideas and efforts, they could have brought Mugabe down many times. But their cowardice and self-interest has got in the way – handing Mugabe plenty of ammunition to play them off one against the other, time and time again.

Right now, Mugabe is wounded by all these revelations. Here is another opportunity. Now is the time for them to strike – before he rallies his troops for the next onslaught.

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