Youth empowerment apolitical: official

Government-funded youth empowerment programmes are apolitical and all youths are encouraged to apply for loans and other assistance, the Ministry of Youth Provincial Official said last week at the Mashonaland East Agriculture Show.

“Government Ward Youth Development officers are civil servants employed to discharge duties in a non-partisan manner. They should work hand in hand with elected ward councillors to empower the youth. Youth empowerment officers should not bring their political passions into their work. Officers found wanting in this regard should be reported to their superiors,” said the official.

Besides assisting youths to access project loans, the ministry also provides a variety of vocational skills at various training centres across the country. Some of the courses offered include farming, Tie and Dye, Batik, Weaving, Knitting, Stone Sculpting, Crocheting, Beekeeping and others.

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