Youths challenge councillors’ conduct

The MDC-T District Youth Executive here summoned party councillors to be reprimanded on Friday, amid allegations that some of the city fathers were ‘slowly turning corrupt’ and making irresponsible public speeches.

MDC District Youth Chairperson, Size Vhilela.
MDC District Youth Chairperson, Size Vhilela.

Six councillors, including Mayor Farai Nyandoro, attended the three hour meeting while four others boycotted.

“I put it straight to the councillors that as concerned party youths we feared that their alleged misconduct could put the reputation of MDC-T at risk. There were reports that some councillors were practising favouritism regarding employment of council contract workers. This caused restlessness among party youths who wanted MDC to be different from Zanu (PF),” said District Youth Chairperson, Size Vhilela.

The youths also quizzed the councillors about whether they consulted each other before making public and press statements. This followed a recent denial by Mayor Nyandoro that he never promised rate payers free water for six months. He also denied that he never promised residents that he would write off part of rate payers’ debts to council at the end of last year as a Christmas bonus to residents.

As a result of reported power struggles within the council, some councillors disassociated themselves from the promises, forcing the mayor to backtrack on his earlier promises to the rate payers.

“Mayor Nyandoro openly told us as residents that we were to be exempt from paying rates for six months and that part of our debts would be written off. We heard him speak live and it was disappointing to learn that he has since backtracked on the promises. What kind of leadership is this?

“We have faith in Morgan Tsvangirai and love MDC, but political immaturity and selfishness displayed by some of his officials left a lot to be desired. In light of the image of MDC-T which was muddied, we call upon someone from the party offices to come and apologise to residents on behalf of the councillors for the inconvenience caused,” said a local.

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