Youths storm Biti’s offices

A Zanu (PF)-sponsored youth empowerment grouping, The Zimbabwe Youth Council, on Wednesday afternoon stormed Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s new office, challenging him to release national finances they allege are being kept in foreign accounts.

The group, which was travelling in a hired bus, arrived at Minister Biti’s offices and demanded to see him personally. After two hours of trying to persuade Biti’s office staff to allow them to see the Minister, the youths left a petition which they ordered the staff to give him.

“We have come here to the Minister of Finance because there is a national crisis yes Zimbabwe is generating money from minerals and tobacco. That money is kept in foreign accounts offshore as opposed to it being repatriated back into the country.

“If that money was coming in to this economy it would boast the economy so that banks would have borrowing powers. This is not happening because all the revenue which is being generated is not deposited into the national banks,” Zimbabwe Youth Council Chairman, Hamilton Pazvakavambwa, said outside Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s offices on Wednesday.

The group said they had acquired enough evidence that the country was keeping national finances in offshore bank accounts. Pazvakavambwa said they from were going to hand in petitions to the Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono, before appealing to the Youth Empowerment Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Ministry for support.

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