84 farm workers and their families at risk

Wayne Greaves of Enondo B Farm in the Beatrice district, had a 5 day eviction notice served on him, and individually on all of his farm workers, on 1 October 2011).

The offer letter holder first came to the farm in February this year with an offer letter for 765ha which is the whole farm. The offer letter was in two names, Hudson Zhanda and his wife Irene Zhanda (a practicing nurse in London for the past 5 years).

Mr Greaves went to see the Governor in Marondera and explained that he had given up two farms totalling 2500ha in 2002 after which his current farm Enondo B was delisted and he was allowed to continue farming, and guaranteed protection from further interference.

The Governor subsequently took a decision to downsize Mr Greaves's residual farm to accommodate Mr Greaves and Mr Zhanda. This was duly done, maps drawn up and planning completed.

Then followed an urgent application to the high court made by the offer letter holder, Hudson Zhanda, which put Mr Greaves straight into the High Court within 2 days of receiving a summons.

The case was heard and letters of support for Mr Greaves’s case, from the Governor, the Provincial Administrator, the War Veterans’ Association Chairman and the chief lands officer were submitted.

In the hearing, Justice Bhunu suggested that a letter of support would also be needed from the Minister of Lands. A letter was then duly written by Minister Murerwa agreeing with the Governor's recommendation which was subsequently submitted.

Judgment was passed down in 7 days and Mr Greaves was given a 7 day eviction notice. He appealed to the Supreme Court which was accepted, in the meantime Mr Zhanda managed to process a second emergency court application, again to the High Court. His application was that Mr Greaves be evicted while the Supreme Court application was being processed.

In the High Court Justice Muchiya then ruled against Mr Greaves and again a one-week eviction notice was issued. The Supreme Court appeal is still pending.

Both the advocate and lawyer representing Mr Greaves were shocked by the rulings considering the numerous letters of support Mr Greaves had.

Yesterday, Friday 30th September the sheriff of the court arrived and issued an eviction notice to Mr Greaves. All his staff were then summoned and individually given eviction notices written in their own names, often first names only on the form.

Mr. Greaves now has 5 days to pack his belongings and vacate the farm.

More serious is the fact that 84 farm labourers and their extended families probably totalling more than 450 people will be put out on the road outside the farm next week on Tuesday, having lost their homes and their livelihoods.

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