Ambassador Bronnert meets Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara

The British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Deborah Bronnert met Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara in Harare today.

Arthur Mutambara
Arthur Mutambara

Ambassador Bronnert said “I paid a useful and productive courtesy call on DPM Mutambara where I updated him on the United Kingdom’s (UK) support of US$130 million to ordinary Zimbabweans, which is the UK’s largest support to Zimbabwe ever. The support is being channelled through the Department for International Development (DFID) to reach millions of Zimbabweans, particularly women and children.”

Ambassador Bronnert and Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara discussed the UK and Zimbabwe’s strong links and the potential for a growing economic relationship in particular. Ambassador Bronnert noted that bilateral trade between the UK and Zimbabwe has increased by 85%, during the first five months of 2011 against the comparative period last year.

Regarding indigenisation, Ambassador Bronnert said “The UK fully supports constructive and progressive measures for economic empowerment. But several British and other international companies have expressed concerns to me about the uncertainties surrounding the current indigenisation legislation and how it will be applied in Zimbabwe in the future. This current uncertainty is unfortunately acting as a disincentive for companies to provide the kind of investment which Zimbabwe needs.”

Ambassador Bronnert and Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara agreed on the importance of implementation of the reforms envisaged in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) ahead of elections. The Ambassador reaffirmed the UK’s support for the Government of National Unity and said that “the UK will continue to support the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people for a prosperous and democratic Zimbabwe through credible, free and fair elections. The UK will work with any of the parties who form a government with a legitimate mandate from the people.”

On the issue of the EU’s Restrictive Measures, the Ambassador noted that the EU High Representative Cathy Ashton had said that the Measures would be kept under review as there is concrete progress in the implementation of the GPA leading to credible elections. 35 individuals were removed from the list of Measures in February 2011.

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