Arrest political: MDC-SA

The South African Youth Assembly of the mainstream MDC has accused President Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF) of trying to instil fear in the former opposition party with the recent arrest of its youth leader.

The MDC-T youth chair for South Africa, Giyani Dube.
The MDC-T youth chair for South Africa, Giyani Dube.

Zimbabwean police on Tuesday arrested Solomon Madzore, the MDC Youth Assembly chairperson and detained him at Harare Central Police Station, where they are said to have interrogated him about the alleged murder of Inspector Petros Mutedza.

However, the party’s SA-based youth condemned what they termed a politically-motivated arrest and charged that Mugabe and his party were playing a game of “political policing” ahead of elections, likely to be held next year.

Mugabe has used the hugely partisan Zimbabwe Republic Police to crush dissenting voices and political opponents, said the MDC youth.

“…This disgraceful arrest is not only an attack on his (Morgan Tsvangirai) mandate and on the Zimbabwean youth, but is also a clear message that Zanu (PF) hasn't changed despite assertions from its leader Robert Mugabe calling for peace,” said Giyani Dube, the MDC-T youth chair for South Africa.

“The timing of this arrest is irrefutable evidence of political policing as the country gears up for elections.The purpose of the politically motivated arrests and false accusations of the last few months are clear and simple – to instill fear in the mind of change-seeking Zimbabweans.”

Dube said that fear had always been the driving force behind the Mugabe regime.

“The regime has chosen this ill-conceived and misguided scheme in its desperate last act to bring the Zimbabwean people into complete submission and avert an impending public upheaval in the country due to their corrupt rule and lack of coherent policies.

“However, regardless of what the regime does at this point in time, the MDC-SA strongly believes that the days of oppression and intimidation in Zimbabwe are numbered and that the people of Zimbabwe have determined to make 2011 the last year of dictatorship.”

The MDC-SA also called on Zimbabweans both at home and in exile to come together and stop “this gross injustice on our people”, which has seen political leaders and journalists being subjected to inhuman treatment by Mugabe’s tyrannical regime.

Madzore’s arrest brought to 27 the total number of Glenview residents and MDC members who have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Inspector Mutedza, who lost his life in Glen View on May 29, 2011.

Eight Glenview residents have been detained in prison after a High Court Judge, Justice Tendai Uchena, dismissed their bail applications. There were fears that Madzore could suffer the same fate.

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