AUHRC urged to protect journalists

The African Union Human Rights Commission has been urged to rein-in crimes committed against journalists on the continent.

Zimbabwe is one of many African countries that have shown total disregard for a free media, over the past decade passing punitive laws that suppress the free flow of information and arresting and torturing independent journalists.

In the statement at the 50th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, sitting in Banjul, Gambia, Federation of African Journalists President, Omar Faruk Osman, said:

“Journalists continue to face deadly attacks, criminal charges, intimidation and harassments by security forces and, in some cases, with manifest support of judicial authorities.

Somalia remains the most deadly country to practice journalism in Africa.

Nigeria, Uganda, Burundi and Eritrea are also some of the countries where the free media has been denied space by authorities, while in recent months, violence against journalists and the media community has intensified in DRC, where gunmen murdered one journalist in June and dozens of others were beaten, assaulted by the security forces (eight in two months).

In Zimbabwe, arrests, detentions, threats, harassment, intimidation, repressive laws and violence have been used against journalists and other media personnel.

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