Bogus General investigated

Questions were raised this week regarding the liberation war credentials of Mthwakazi Liberation Front leader, Fidelis Ncube, aka General Nandinandi, after former members of his secessionist group said he could be "fake".

The so-called General Nandinandi.
The so-called General Nandinandi.

National Executive members who left the MLF in disgruntlement told The Zimbabwean early this week that Ncube, who claims to be a ZIPRA General, might be an imposter, a claim also confirmed by ZAPU members, under whose party ZIPRA fell.

Speaking exclusively to The Zimbabwean on condition of anonymity, former MLF NEC members who resigned last month said they were surprised to note that Nandinandi was not known among ZPRA cadres’ ranks. It was there he claims to have been accorded the General status while representing them in Russia during the armed struggle days.

“When vetting the so-called Nandinandi we noticed that we were being fooled by a failed politician, and an opportunist out to dirty our names. We decided to disassociate ourselves with him and his group. We took our time investigating him, but surprisingly no one in the ZPRA ranks knows him. Now we are convinced that this guy could be a state agent. We thought bogus war veteran leaders, Joseph Chinotimba and Jabulani Sibanda, were the only ones taking chances, but we were mistaken,” they said collectively.

In our recent investigation, we discovered that none of the approached former ZPRA heads know him. Former ZPRA Commander, John Moyo, currently based in Mpopoma challenged Fidelis Ncube to prove his genuine military status with ZPRA as they did not have such ranks throughout the struggle.

“We are surprised this General is gaining momentum at the expense of the ZPRA name. We never had a General in our ranks, nor were our surviving heads like ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa ever accorded such status. Not even the late great Commander Alfred Nikita Mangena used a General rank. I am warning Zimbabweans out there not to associate themselves with these so-called Generals,” added a worried Moyo.

Mike Ndlovu a former ZPRA instructor, quickly rubbished Nandinandi as bogus.

“We are tired of these bogus war veterans; they had an opportunity to participate in the struggle but they ran away. Now that we attained independence they want to just cause unnecessary unrest.”

Despite being unpopular in ZPRA ranks, Nandinandi, who hails from Plumtree, strongly maintains that he fought for Zimbabwe under the armed wing of ZPRA.

“I fought for that country; no one can tell his funny stories as I am aware of my status as a General under ZPRA uniform,” he said.

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