Chinamasa rejects UN Human Rights proposals

Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa rejected outright 81 of 177 recommendations for urgent human rights reforms proposed by several UN member states. He accepted 81 non-essential reforms and offered to consider the remaining 31.

Patrick Chinamasa
Patrick Chinamasa

Chinamasa told the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva last week that the recommendations fell into two groups – those from Western countries and those from Africa and the Non Aligned Movement, including Russia and China.

“Those from the Western Group are very paternalistic and condescending as they are made in bad faith as if Zimbabwe is a colony. They seek to teach us the so-called human rights and values.

This, we reject because Zimbabweans fought for human rights and we dismiss totally those who continue to pontificate and display this holier than thou attitude,” he said. He also slammed the International Criminal Court, which he said was “truly a kangaroo court” and had been “created to drag Africans, East Europeans, Arabs and Asians for prosecution”.

The minister ranted on about “illegal sanctions”, blaming them for impeding full implementation of the GPA, and alleged that Western companies had plundered 1,000 tons of diamonds from the Marange diamond fields for 15 years, before “we brought sanity”, before wishing the assembled diplomats “God bless.”

Among the recommendations rejected were:

Investigate all credible allegations related to 2008 Presidential Elections, especially on torture, arbitrary detentions and enforced disappearances; Prevent Torture and Have perpetrators brought to account.

Stop Human Rights violations in the Marange diamond fields.

Create Independent Prosecuting Authority .

Reform the Judiciary to ensure independence and impartiality.

Exempt non-political groups from POSA and recognize their right to assembly. Ensure that forthcoming Presidential Elections are peaceful and that rights to assembly are respected.

Amend or Repeal POSA.

Uphold freedom of assembly and association.

Investigate and Prosecute perpetrators of Rights violations. Foster pluralistic media, and free the airwaves.

Guarantee freedom of expression for entire population.

Stop politicization of food, medicines and other humanitarian services.

Stop forced evictions.

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