Chinese tyres cause accidents: police

The police say cheap Chinese tyres are one of the reasons behind the carnage on the country’s roads where scores have perished since January 2011.

Chinese tyres
Chinese tyres

In an interview with The Zimbabwean, police traffic spokesperson Tigere Chigome cited the influx of imported tyres that do not suit African weather conditions as contributing factor to the rising carnage.

“Some of the imported tyres sold countrywide do not suit African conditions, hence when they are brought to Africa, they burst, causing carnage on our roads,” Chigome said.

He said most of the imported tyres were labelled M&S, meaning suitable for mud and snow conditions. “These tyres will burst when exposed to our conditions,” he added.

The dire state of the economy means that most Zimbabweans are forced to choose the cheapest goods.

Chigome also decried the continued use of retreaded tyres, which he said were sold after exposition for longer periods, posing fatal risks to motorists who opted to buy them.

He called on the government to ban tyres that are suspicious and said the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, which certifies quality, should first check quality before allowing imported tyres into the country.

The flood of cheap Chinese goods has also retarded the reopening of many industries which cannot compete with the goods of cheaper quality.

“I urge people to buy tyres from renowned companies like Dunlop, which manufactures tyres conducive to the Zimbabwean environment,” Chigome said.

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