Cosatu outrage at piracy

As South African police and illegal music sellers, mainly Zimbabwean, engage in running battles, the influential Congress of South African Trade Unions has called on police to be hands-on in the fight against music piracy.

Police have struggled to bring to book culprits involved in the sale of pirated music productions, which sell for around 10% of the price of the original products.

Cosatu officials said it was high time police dealt with such lawbreakers.

“The Federation fully supports the struggle waged by our cultural activists and musicians against piracy. We also call on the police to be proactive and take a tougher stance in dealing with piracy. COSATU appeals for a broad front against piracy and support for artists, especially those that seek to reflect the conditions of the poor and downtrodden in this country,” said Phindile Kunene, Cosatu spokesperson.

He expressed shock at the revelations of the extent of piracy in the music industry as reported in media this week and bemoaned such exploitation of entertainers.

“Pirates take advantage of the dreadful socio-economic conditions in our country, which results in the thousands of unemployed and poorly paid workers not being able to afford artistic work such as music and films. Many creative workers and artists in the music and film industries sprout from working class backgrounds and through their artistic work continuously inspire and rejuvenate workers in their struggles against the capitalist class,” added Kunene.

Police in Johannesburg said they were confident of winning the fight against piracy.

“The vendors should be warned that police will be out in full force in the coming weeks. Piracy is a serious crime and as law enforcers, we will see to it that whoever is involved in such acts will be dealt with,” said an official during a raid this week.

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