Does God love us?

Almighty God, the maker and creator of the Universe, has certainly demonstrated His love to mankind by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. God has given us His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us and He is sustaining the world by His word and power. He also sends rain to water the ground for both the just and unjust.

However the question needs to be asked, “Do we love God?”

The all-knowing God, is a righteous, holy, pure and just God. If we loved God we would seek to do and say those things that please Him. We would seek to delight the heart of God by searching after Him and getting to know Him. We would desire to make Jesus Christ central in our life. We would long to be like Him, righteous and holy so we could fellowship with Him, for He hates sin and evil.

We spend time with the one we love – wanting to be in their company and enjoying them. We would desire to give to them rather than take from them. We would delight in opening our hearts to them and sharing with them our deepest hopes, longings and fears.

The one we love would be precious to us and we would speak well of them, holding them in high esteem. Our words and actions would demonstrate to those outside that we are in a love relationship.

So the question remains to be answered, “Do you love God?” – Faith Matters Editorial Team. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or message on 0779 117 645.

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