Encourage one another

My people listen to what I say. I want you to keep your eyes on Me, Jesus, through all this. You must live your lives in the supernatural, by faith. Encourage one another, build each other up in the faith. When everything is at its worst and the situation seemingly impossible, I will still be in control. You must trust me in all things. Out of chaos will come good. I will start to pour the power of My Spirit out in the lives of My people and the glory of God will be seen by ALL. Nothing will be

People will recognize Me through My people and My wonderful works and miracles. Out of this I will raise My Church, My Church will be established in this land. – This is part of a prophecy given to Ann in Chegutu on November 5, 1984. The prophecy also spoke of terrible things to come upon the land, which have happened during the intervening years. But God is faithful. And we need to pray and believe that he will continue to fulfil his word.

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